Man identified brazen daylight Manchester robbery


October 24, 2015

The Manchester police have so far identified one of three suspects involved in a brazen daylight robbery of a remittance agency in the parish recently.

The police confirmed that the incident occurred at the Money Gram establishment on Sinclair Bargain Centre, Mandeville two weeks ago and the men reportedly made off with more than $200,000.

The police were able to identify the men after their images were captured on surveillance camera inside the building.

Clips of the footage have since gone viral on social media. One clip shows a man entering the establishment while brandishing a gun and apparently demanding money. The man is also seen exiting the building with a bag of what the police say is cash.

Vendolyn Cameron Powell, who heads the Manchester Police Division, told THE STAR that the main suspect has been identified, while two others involved in the robbery have been partially identified. However, no arrests have been made.

"We still need to do more investigations into the situation to make sure our case is solid so that when we go to court the case is strong. We are conducting our investigations to prepare a proper proper case," Powell said.

- S.W.

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