Raw packaged dumplings for sale

October 28, 2015
Contributed The packaged raw dumplings along with the packaged green banana and yam

The love of convenience by the modern Jamaican is the reason a manager of a supermarket has given for her decision to start producing raw dumplings for sale.

The photograph of packaged raw dumplings took Jamaica's social media by storm with persons expressing shock and fascination at the product.

Sharon Chin, manager of General Foods Supermarket in Ocho Rios, St Ann, told THE STAR that people are looking to make their lives easier and that fuelled her decision to start selling the product.




"Everybody have pretty nails and they are in a rush generally, so selling the kneaded dumplings makes their life easier," Chin pointed out.

The manager said there are some younger persons who don't know how to make dumplings. She said staff at the supermarket had suggested selling the product several times because peeled bananas and yam are already sold there.

Chin said since the pre-packaged dumplings hit the shelf, several persons have actually taken pictures.

"Although persons have been fascinated, it is a bit too early to speak to sales of it because it's just been a few weeks," said Chin when we queried if the product was going fast.


guaranteed freshness


The manager said customers are guaranteed freshness when they purchase the dumplings because the packaging ensures it is kept fresh.

"Persons are also guaranteed great tasting dumplings because we have a chef with years of experience who cooks for my over 50 staff members kneading their dumplings," added Chin.

But some Jamaicans are not fond of the packaging of the product.

Vendor Charmaine Duffus, 48, expressed concern about what this means for future generations.

"This mean it going become more and more popular and my granddaughter will think it's ok to not know how to knead dumpling for her children. Sad time for our history I tell you, laziness a take over," said Duffus.

Younger persons who THE STAR spoke with disagreed with Duffus. Anna Kaye Smith, 24, and Shania Thomas said it will make the lives of younger people on the go much easier.

"I have a million things to do at a time, this will cut my cooking time by 15 minutes," noted Thomas.

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