Dead lover scares cheating woman - Lady flees with 'bunna man' after haunting episode

November 02, 2015

A St Catherine woman and her 'bunna man' had a hasty retreat recently, when they had an unplanned visit from the ghost of the woman's recently deceased lover. Reports reaching The Star are that last Monday, the woman, who lives in one of Spanish Town's inner-city communities, decided to visit the 'other man'.

It is said, as both parties were cuddling and warming up romantically on the bed, the ghostly figure of the woman's deceased spouse suddenly appeared, forcing the two to flee the dwelling.

Residents who confirmed the unbelievable incident, said they were not surprised by the occurrence..

"Yes, di man not even bury yet, and she decide to be with 'Joe Grine'. Di duppy falla har and both a dem affi run out a di house," a neighbour told THE STAR.

Others said that the man had warned the woman to stop giving him 'bun', or else he would catch up with her, even if he is dead.

The residents told The Star that the man, who was violently killed by criminals, is said to have loved the girl despite her unfaithfulness. Since the incident, both the woman and man have become the source of much whispers in the community.

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