Weird News: Pigeons terrorise man's garden


November 04, 2015

Weird News: Pigeons terrorise man's garden

A man is demanding his local council take action after his back garden was terrorised by pigeons.

Daniel Norman from Plymouth, Devon, south west England lives near a dilapidated building owned by Plymouth City Council and says the nesting birds are causing havoc, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports. He said: "I've been fighting this case for the last five years. Because the building is not boarded up, the pigeons are going in there and roosting.

"If it was boarded up, it wouldn't be an issue. But that seems to be too much to ask."

A newly married couple will get a shock when they look through their wedding photos - as their photographer son spent the time watching the Rugby World Cup.

The international sporting event has captured the attention of sports fans alike, but this bride and groom risk not having any pictures to remember their big day because of the gripping sports action, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

Captioning a photograph which shows the pair cutting a cake and a phone playing the rugby in the forefront, a Reddit user wrote: "My friends can't wait to see the wedding photos their son took .... (sic)"

Council workers have left a car park half-tarmacked because a vehicle was in the way.

Alan Greenwood from Dunblane, Scotland posted a photo on social media, which shows the workers avoiding the immediate area around the car, the Daily Record newspaper reports.

He said: "The council came to resurface and line the car park a couple of weeks ago. Presumably they'll come back and finish it - if the car ever moves.

"I hope the car's owner is OK. Whoever it is will certainly get a shock if they turn up and try to drive it away."

A diner was left unimpressed after he was served a burger with a bite missing.

Lakyn Taite-Allen visited a New Zealand branch of McDonalds and claims she was presented with a cold meal, the Daily Star newspaper reports.

Posting about the incident on Facebook, she wrote: "Went through Lincoln Road McDonald's today and received this unpleasant surprise, A BITE OUT OF MY BIG MAC. Went back in to find out how this happened, not back in to get a refund or another burger but more of an explanation.

"All the manager could say was it's impossible for this to happen as if I had tampered with it or something. Well guess what I received not even an apology or an explanation. (sic)"

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