Spiritual healer seeks clients on Facebook

November 05, 2015

A spiritual healer based in Nigeria has recently reached out to Jamaicans, via a popular Facebook page, proclaiming he has the spells and potions to solve all their problems.

On the popular Facebook page, 'I need a job Jamaica', the spiritual healer, Dr. Akhere, posted, "The great Dr Akhere spiritual home/temple is now on Facebook page ... In this temple of solution I will use the powers of my spell to bring you happiness and make you[r] life a beautiful one. If you want your ex-boy/girlfriend or wife back, job promotion, business growth, spell to win lottery competitions, want your debt paid, etc."

The post urged persons to contact him by his phone number and email address provided on his page.


people worldwide


Akhere, who said he has been operating for 15 years in Lagos, Nigeria, told THE STAR that he has been offering his services free of charge to people worldwide and feels that Jamaicans should be no exception.

"I have helped people from the United States, Dubai, Scotland, and I never take money from my clients because this will anger the gods. The only money I ask for is the amount to cover the costs of the ingredients for the spells and potions," Akhere said, adding that the gods have never failed him.

He noted that since making the post on the Jamaica-based page, one Jamaican girl seeking employment has sought his

services. However, the process came to a halt when she could not afford the cost of the ingredients for the potions.

He also stressed that the spells do not work unless the person requiring his services pays for the ingredients.

"You paying for the ingredients is a final sign of commitment to the solution," Akhere said.

Despite his method, Akhere was adamant that he does not take money for personal gains, as he owns a large farm. Instead, he said people who are grateful for his services and wish to thank him could donate to an orphanage that he opened six years ago.

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