Weird News: Sweet tooth ponies on the loose


November 07, 2015

Warnings have been issued in Somerset after sugar-hungry ponies resorted to violence to satisfy their cravings.

The animals have been gorging on sweet treats left behind by people enjoying picnics in the area and pony breeders have asked that they ensure they clean up when they leave in order to avoid problems with the ponies. The ponies have bitten and butted people, even breaking one woman's leg. Richard Waterman, one of 11 the pony breeders in the area, said: "It's nice for people to come up and take a picnic, we don't want them to stop doing that, but they must not leave food around and they definitely must not feed them by hand. "Just the fact of leaving the food around draws the ponies back into this area where there is a road across the hill, and that in itself causes a problem with vehicles driving and incidents where you get the odd pony run over."

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