25-foot foam tsunami hits Indian city


November 11, 2015

A 25-foot foam tsunami has hit the Indian city of Bangalore.

An awe-inspiring wall of foam burst into four-foot flames and panicked thousands of residents living near Ballandur Lake, one of the largest areas of water in the Indian city.

Elan Govan, 46, a resident caught the incident on camera and told the Daily Express newspaper: "It has been

nearly 15 years now that the lake is covered with the thick foam. And every time it rains, the froth raises, blowing it into the air and covers the commuters every time they cross the bridge over the lake.

"But in May this year, we witnessed the unexpected. The lake had suddenly caught fire and the flames went as high as four feet. It was a frightening sight. Residents were perplexed. No one knew what would happen. It was an extremely dreadful moment."

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