Man held with 169 pounds of ganja

November 20, 2015
A Jamaican ganja field showing the 'herb' in various stages of cultivation.

A man accused of transporting over 100 pounds of ganja in a motorcar was

further remanded following his appearance in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's (RM) Court last Tuesday.

Charged with possession of, dealing in, taking steps to export, conspiracy to export and trafficking ganja is Horace Harris.

Allegations are that on the day of the incident, the accused man was stopped by the police when he was driving along a thoroughfare. It is said that upon approaching the vehicle, lawmen were alerted to the odour of marijuana which permeated the air.

It is said that the lawmen requested a search of the

vehicle, unearthing 169 pounds of ganja, some of which was stashed behind the driver's seat in plain view. The police also found 5.27 ounces of ganja in the form of a 'spliff'.

The court heard that when cautioned, Harris told officers that he had "a little bit of ganja" aboard the vehicle he was



Harris offered his defence.

"Yes, I admit that I told the police I had some weed in the car, but it was a rolled up spliff I had," he explained, claiming to not have any knowledge of the 169 pounds of the illicit drug officers unearthed. He claimed to have only boarded the vehicle with his spliff.

Harris' explanation, however, did not resonate well with RM Maxine Ellis.

"So you're a man that knows ganja and didn't know that there was loose weed in it (the car)?" she questioned.

The magistrate subsequently ordered Harris further remanded. He is to return to court on December 2 pending sentencing. A fingerprint order was previously made against him.

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