Pranksters mistaken for terrorists


November 23, 2015

A group of pranksters were accused of terrorism after a biohazard joke went wrong.

Police in London were called by members of the public who were left disturbed by the bizarre prank, which saw members of the Trollstation group dress up in hazmat suits and pretend to attack actors with cannisters of gas. One officer, who was called out to investigate, said: "Think about it sensibly, like a sensible human being. If you came down as an innocent member of the public and saw four people in gas masks, you are going to absolutely c**p your pants. You are lucky it's just us and not a terrorism team armed with guns ready to shoot you." A video of the incident has been posted to Trollstation's YouTube channel and shows the policeman asking, "Is this terrorism?" before taking down the details of those involved.

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