Mistaken Identity: Vice-principal, daughter attacked in Portland, stabbed 26 times

November 25, 2015

A daring early morning attack on a female vice principal and her daughter in the comfort of their home at Fair Prospect, Portland, has left them both hospitalised.

The incident, which has left the Fair Prospect school and community in shock, took place shortly after 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.

It is reported that two men entered the house of the 46- year-old vice-principal and her 18-year-old daughter.

One of the men reportedly demanded the whereabouts of guns, which they claimed were in the possession of the husband of the vice- principal.

“When I heard of the incident, I was shocked," commented the husband.

“What is even more disturbing is the fact that I was somewhat mysteriously drawn into the incident, as the attackers reportedly inquired about my whereabouts. My wife was stabbed 17 times, and my daughter 9 times.

Allegations made by the attackers was that I was involved in some drugs for gun trade. But somewhere during the stabbings, the stabber admitted that he was at the wrong house and was searching for the wrong man," the husband added.

It was then that the attackers allegedly drove the two women to hospital in a Mitsubishi Gallant motor car belonging to the vice- principal.  

They reportedly left the women at the accident and emergency unit for them to get treatment. The car owned by the family was found in Yallahs, St. Thomas

They are both in stable condition.

Meanwhile the vice-principal's husband has stated that the actions of the men have triggered further fears among innocent law abiding homeowners, who work tirelessly to build a shelter for their family.

“It is rather frightening and I am worried, especially given the fact that my reputation and credibility came under scrutiny from unknown assailants.

This kind of crime is unique to Portland, wherein honest people are pounced upon in their own homes and were almost butchered as a result of a simple mistake on the part of criminals," he said.   

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