Bearer remanded in employment scam

December 01, 2015

A man accused of fleecing $100,000 from two persons, claiming he could provide them with overseas employment through the farm work programme, was remanded when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court recently.

Christopher Douglas, 46, a bearer at the Ministry of Labour, pleaded not guilty to the charge of obtaining money by means of false pretence.

Allegations are that in August, the accused collected $40,000 from one complainant and $60,000 from another, promising he could get them on the farm work programme. However, he failed to do so and did not refund the money.

It is further alleged that in November, the complainants visited Douglas at the Ministry of Labour and enquired about their money. When negotiations broke down, the complainants demanded to speak with a manager.

Douglas reportedly left the complainants and returned with two men whose gesture suggested that they were about to pull firearms. The men chased the complainants, but they managed to escape unharmed.

In court, Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey advised Douglas' lawyer that her client would not be granted bail.

"This farm work thing can't continue. Dem work down there [Ministry of Labour], and sometime dem only sweep and gwaan like dem a CEO," Pusey said.

Douglas is to return to court on January 19.

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