Cop, conductor clash in HWT


December 02, 2015

A policewoman and a bus conductor almost came to blows in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, yesterday sending some passengers scurrying and causing a traffic pile-up.

The cop was part of a team from the St Andrew Central police, which pulled up a Toyota Coaster bus for stopping to pick up passengers outside the designated area.

On seeing the cops, the driver attempted to leave, but the police used their car to block him.

The female cop then demanded the driver's documents. The driver complied, but as some passengers were disembarking, the upset conductor went outside and uttered expletives at the policewoman.


"Yuh fi go weh, weh yuh did deh when di tief dem just grab weh di people dem bag?" he questioned, referring to an earlier incident in which someone at a bus stop was reportedly robbed.

"A nuh dat, try something,", the cop responded, while loudly asking the conductor if it was right to be picking up passengers on the busy roadway.

The argument continued until the conductor walked up to the cop, threatening to hit her, declaring: "mi ready fi guh a jail."

Other bus operators intervened and asked the conductor to "cool down", as two other members of the police team encircled their female colleague. The bus passengers and passers-by hastily left the scene.

Some calm was eventually restored and the policewoman issued the driver a ticket. The incident contributed to a traffic pile-up, delaying a wailing ambulance for at least three minutes.

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