645 people arrested for stealing electricity, JPS hikes up measures

December 08, 2015

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo) is reporting that as of Friday November 25, 645 persons have been arrested by members of the security forces, for the illegal abstraction of electricity for 2015.

The arrests included both residential and commercial customers. Additionally, 598 summonses to appear in court were issued. The Company has also removed 157,952 'throw-ups' or illegal connections from the network, islandwide.  

JPS has been working to reduce the illegal usage of electricity through a variety of means including operations to tear down illegal wires, meter audits and the installation of the Residential Advanced Metering Infrastructure (RAMI) in some communities. The Company has also been using technology to more specifically identify perpetrators of electricity theft.

Senior VP, Energy Delivery, Gary Barrow explains, "We are now proving that the increased use of technology alongside socio-economic measures is a more sustainable approach.  We have been able to use software to target illicit usage, right down to the street and even house level. With early successes in this application, we intend to roll out the use of this tool, in a widespread fashion come 2016."

Persons who wish to report theft may text 292-7483 (CYA RITE) or email stoptheft@jpsco.com, or call Crime Stop at 113 to report theft by businesses.


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