Carla Dunbar gives sex prescription in new book

December 11, 2015
Dr Rev Carla Dunbar

"Very detailed, very graphic and very erotic," is how renowned sex therapist and marriage councillor Dr Carla Dunbar describes her new book, 'Sexcription: A Prescription for Sex'.

Dunbar says the idea for writing a sex manual was sparked from her experience as a marriage counsellor, as well as observing the "tabooness" which surrounds sex in the Church and society at large.

"People, especially in the Church, do not talk about sex openly like they do other topics. I wrote the book as a manual to help Christians and non-Christians to have a better understanding and appreciation for sex in the context of marriage," Dunbar explained.

During her years of counselling, Dunbar admits that she has encountered Christian couples with gross misconceptions about sex. One such couple believed sex was a forbidden act and would repent after every intercourse.

"This level of ignorance is not bliss, it is painful ignorance," Dunbar noted.

It is against this backdrop that Dunbar has written her book, which consists of 10 very comprehensive chapters, each tackling a different topic in great detail and accompanied by vivid illustrations.

Among the chapters are 'Sex a God Sinting', which helps people understand the origin and intent of sex; 'Serious Sexercising', which explains how people can burn calories during sex; 'Blowing his mind', which teaches a woman how to pleasure a man; and 'Geriatric Sex', which helps seniors to enjoy sex despite their age.

Despite the unconventionally explicit approach that Dunbar has taken with her book, she notes that it is theologically sound and is endorsed by top Christian leaders such as the Reverend Clinton Chisolm and Colleen Beckles.

With the physical copy being launched just six weeks ago, Dunbar said the book is doing exceptionally well. She is currently doing island tours at various Fontana Pharmacy locations and will be at the Mandeville branch this Sunday, where persons can get their copies autographed.

Sexcription is available for $2,500 at the airport bookstores, Urban Book Stores in St Elizabeth and all Fontana Pharmacy locations.

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