Woman wants man to be charged for fire


December 11, 2015

A fire victim says she is now looking forward to a merry Christmas because of the love and support given to her by members of her community.

The woman explained that a few months ago, her one-bedroom house caught afire and she lost all her belongings. She said she was not at home when the fire started.

house on fire

"I was planting peas and corn in my field when a neighbour ran to tell me that my house was on fire," she said.

"I knew then that someone had set my house on fire, and I suspected who did it. I had a quarrel with a man in a nearby district the night before, and I am sure he was the one who set fire to my house.

"When I reached to my yard, my one-bedroom house was burnt flat to the ground.

"I fainted when I saw that I was homeless. I even lost $10,000 in the fire.

"My mother always tell me that it is when you are in trouble or problem that you know your true friends. Well, the people in my district really are my true friends. They all came out to support me and comfort me.

"A woman in the district who has a three-bedroom house gave me a room at her house. I lived there for three months. Other members gave me clothes, shoes, and food. I am not in need of anything. I am very grateful to them for the way they looked out for me in my distress.

"I was shocked last month when men in the community bought building materials? and made a one-bedroom concrete house for me. I am now living in my own house and I am now looking forward to spending a merry Christmas in my new house. I am very grateful to those who helped me.

"The only problem I have is that the man who I suspected had set my house on fire is not in jail. I reported the matter to the police, but they have refused to lock up the man," she said.

The police have no basis on which to arrest and charge the man. You must bear in mind that no one saw the man setting fire to your house. The man has not confessed to the crime, therefore, it would be a waste of time for the police to arrest and charge him with arson. A person cannot be brought before the court on mere suspicion. There must be evidence to prove the case against an accused person.

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