Bert Cameron breaks leg

December 18, 2015
Bert Cameron

Former national 400m champion, Bertland 'Bert' Cameron, has been confined to a wheel chair and crutches after breaking his leg recently.

Cameron, 56, told THE WEEKEND STAR that his right femur (thigh bone) was broken after a mishap while racing with a female trainee.

"I was just messing around and racing with a lady. I was going full force and tore my right hamstring so I shifted the pressure to my left leg and tore my quad muscle and broke the bone. It was like a car accident because I also hurt my right rib," Cameron said.

Cameron, who coaches at the Mico University College and owns the Blazers track club, lightheartedly said he will never race again.

"That will be my last race forever. After all these years, I've finally decided to give it up," he joked.

The injuries caused severe pain and discomfort for the coach at nights but he is doing well otherwise, and said doctors are pleased with his recovery thus far.

"I'm good, I'm tough. I'm surviving. I'm at my practice coaching my little team now... I'm thanking God because it could've been much worse like breaking my hip," said Cameron, who is to do an x-ray to track his recovery in four weeks.

Cameron won the 400m title at the first World Championships in 1983 in Helsinki, Finland, and represented Jamaica at three consecutive Olympics. He was chosen as the Jamaica Sportsman of the Year from 1981 to 1983.

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