Driver in custody after two accidents in one night

December 18, 2015

A bus operator is now in police custody after being involved in two separate motor vehicle accidents in St Andrew on Tuesday night.

THE WEEKEND STAR arrived on the scene of the second accident, shortly after 9 p.m., where both drivers with whom the bus operator collided explained what happened.

The first driver, who was going home from work, said his vehicle was hit by the bus operator on Hope Road.

"It was a genuine accident mek him lick me. The road was wet and him slide and lick me, but it wasn't a big deal because the damage was minor. Him drive off fast after, I neva know me woulda see him again," he said.

Upon speeding from the scene of the first accident, the bus operator met in another collision with a taxi operator, Zendaf Dunbar, on Waterloo Road. Dunbar was carrying two passengers, who had to be taken to the hospital after the accident.

"Me a drive a come down and what mi see is a bus flashing right cross the road pan me. It look like him did a try break the traffic because him did a run from smaddy," Dunbar said.

The front end of Dunbar's vehicle was severely damaged and had to be removed by a wrecker.

Luckily, no casualties resulted from the two accidents on Tuesday night.

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