January 05, 2016


A video making the rounds on social media of a man performing oral sex on a woman has garnered the attention of a lot Jamaicans.

The video, reportedly shot in Old Harbour, St Catherine, shows a man lying on his back on a piece of cardboard, while being surrounded by several persons on what seemed like a relatively busy plaza. Although THE STAR was unable to ascertain the time at which the act took place, it appeared to be sometime in the evening after the sun had already set.

stooped down

As the almost three-minute video progresses, a woman is seen approaching the man and being told by the crowd to sit on the man's face.

The woman then proceeds to remove her shorts and underwear, much to the amusement of the crowd that had gathered.

"Him love it, him love it," said a woman in the background, referring to oral sex.

The woman then stooped down over the man's face, with the crowd further instructing her how to sit.

"Put your back to we and wine ...," said one onlooker.

As the crowd cheered on the duo, the woman then splits on top of man's face, exciting the audience even more.


The video, which was uploaded December 31, has garnered over 207,000 views so far on Facebook.

It has also been shared over 2,600 times by Facebook users, many of whom were disgusted by the act.

"Them thing yah only fi happen in bedroom, why dem haffi do this a road, nasty!" said one Facebook user.

Another user said the video reflected a deterioration of Jamaica's morals.

"Seeing this shows me that Jamaica departing further from God, people dem just a sex outside inna clear view of other people," the person said.

Checks with the Old Harbour Police Station revealed that the incident had not been reported. However, the lawman, who spoke to THE STAR, said the two persons involved in the brazen video could be charged with indecent exposure.

- R.G.

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