Best friends make up in court

January 22, 2016

Two best friends who were charged with assaulting each other requested for the cases to be dropped when they appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Wednesday.

AndrÈ Whyte and Peter Campbell said an incident at Campbell's house got out of control, but they have now forgiven each other and reached a settlement.

According to Whyte, on January 1, the argument ensued after whyte urinated in Campbell's backyard.

"Me urinate inna him yard, and him say me violate him, and even though me tell him sorry, we still start exchange words, then him jump on me and me push him off," he recalled.

According to Campbell, he got injured in the process and reported Whyte to the police.

When they appeared before the court, they said an agreement was reached for $50,000 to be paid over to Whyte, by Campbell, to cover medical expenses.


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