January 28, 2016

Persons in May Pen, Clarendon, are expressing disgust at a video that surfaced last week of a man engaging in sexual intercourse with a well-known woman of unsound mind.

The man, who is a callaloo vendor, has been bashed by persons in the area, as they believe he was taking advantage of the woman who is also homeless.

In the three-minute video, the man is seen in what appears to be an alley with his underwear at his feet gyrating on top of the homeless woman.

He appears to be unaware of the person recording his actions because he immediately jumps up when the man behind the camera says, "Me ketch yuh good man."

The woman, who had been lying down during most of the video, then emerges from the alley, and is seen pulling down her skirt and then eventually walks in full view of the camera.

The person videoing the two then started jeering the woman saying, "Fi yuh likkle man that, Auntie?" The callaloo vendor was not spared. and he too received his fair share of laughter.


Since news broke of the video, persons around May Pen have expressed shock and disgust.

"Is a man me buy from and cook enuh. Caan believe him a do them nastiness deh," said Marcia Witter.

Another woman, Sharon Campbell, who claims to know the man's family, said she was concerned about the impact the incident is likely to have on his family.

"Him mother and grandmother muss shame. The whole a dem inna the callaloo business, so them muss shame. Him is a disgrace," she told THE STAR.

A policeman from the May Pen Police Station, who spoke under condition of anonymity, said the homeless woman has a reputation of being involved in prostitution.

"She is known for selling sex, so there is not much of a grounds to say she was raped," he said.

He added that the woman gave birth a few years ago to a baby believed to be conceived as a result of prostitution.

Nonetheless, the cop bashed the vendor for having sexual intercourse with the woman.

"He is nasty! And he is selling people food?! They should report him to Health Authority so they ban him," he said, adding that persons should desist from purchasing callaloo from him.

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