February 06, 2016

A woman caught attempting to leave the island with over two pounds of ganja inside her anus and stomach was fined $71,000 or six months in prison.

Tanesha Parkins, a 27-year-old mother of two, pleaded guilty to the charges of possession of ganja, dealing in ganja and taking steps to export ganja.

The court heard that on January 21, Parkins arrived at the Norman Manley International Airport to board a flight to Curacao when police observed a bulge in her crotch area. A cylindrical package was then removed from her anal cavity.

She also confessed to the officers that she ingested some pellets and she later was taken to the hospital where doctors surgically extracted 71 pellets of ganja. It is reported that she almost died during the procedure.

In court, Parkins' lawyer begged for leniency for his client on the grounds that her children, who are twins, are only five years old and Parkins is their sole provider.

burst inside you

However, Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey was not moved by the lawyer's application.

"It's bad enough to carry the ganja on your body, but to ingest it and it burst inside you nearly kill you? Weren't you thinking of your kids then?," she said.

After this utterance by the judge, Parkins made a desperate attempt to seek Pusey's pity against her lawyer's advise that she should "stop talking."

Parkins began to explain, "Your honour, I was forced to do it. I did not want to do it, but I owed a man $200,000 and he came and told me to do something to clear off the debt. He bought me a plane ticket and forced me to take some pills, but I couldn't do it so I put it in my panty. He forced me to swallow the rest. I was fearful that he would hurt my family so I did it."

Unimpressed by her plea, Pusey then handed down the sentence of $10,000 or six months for possession of ganja, $20,000 or six months for dealing in ganja and $41,000 or six months for taking steps to export ganja.

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