Gunmen kill 'Papa San' - Shot 16 times at home

February 17, 2016

The Clarendon police are again reporting another gun slaying in its division. This latest incident has left a 50-year-old vendor dead and three children fatherless.

According to a report from the police, Ronny 'Papa San' Hendricks was shot dead in the volatile Howell Content area of York Town, about 9 p.m. on Monday, when men armed with guns barged into his house and fired several shots, killing him on the spot.

"He was at home last night around 8:40 with a friend when the gunmen pounced on him. He was shot some 16 times and died on the spot," a senior investigator told The Star.

One of Hendricks' neighbour told The Star that the now deceased was not involved in any known conflict with anyone, as he got on well with everyone in the community.

"I was at church when I heard the sad news and when I get here he was also removed to the parlour, but I can't imagine why he was killed like that because he is friendly with everyone here," the neighbour explained. "

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