2014 cocaine case for trial May 6

February 23, 2016


A St James man and a St Elizabeth woman who were arrested in 2014 for allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine in tins of ackee and callaloo are to stand trial in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate's Court on May 6.

David Findlater, from Rose Heights in Montego Bay, and Peta-Gaye Grant, from Thornton district in St Elizabeth, are charged with possession of, dealing in, and attempting to export six and three-quarter pounds of cocaine. They were given the new court date and had their bails extended when they appeared in court on Friday.

The allegations are that on May 5, 2014, Grant was preparing to board a flight to London, England, at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. While there, her luggage was searched and several tins labelled as containing ackee and callaloo were found to contain a white powdery substance resembling cocaine.

After being taken into police custody, Grant reportedly implicated Findlater in connection with the cocaine and Findlater was subsequently arrested.

On Friday, the case against the duo failed to proceed as, while the evidence exhibit had been brought to court, the investigating officer was absent due to illness.

Subsequently, Resident Magistrate Sandria Wong-Small extended the two defendants' bail to May 6.

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