#JaVotes2016 ‘I Don't Even Know Who Is The Person Contesting Against Me’ – Portia

February 25, 2016

People’s National Party (PNP) president, Portia Simpson Miller, snickered this afternoon when asked whether she was nervous about the election.

"Me? About what? This constituency? No, man. I am not worried at all,” she exclaimed.

Simpson Miller has been Member of Parliament (MP) for South West St Andrew since 1976 when she upset the applecart and won what was then the strongest Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) seat on the island. Since then, the JLP has failed to make any real impact on the seat.

The JLP’s Victor Hyde is challenging Simpson Miller for the seat. In the 2011 election he got 553 votes in the last election to Simpson Miller's 10,420.

Simpson Miller poked fun at Hyde who she says has not come up on her radar.

"I don't even know who is the person contesting against me. I have never seen that person. All I know is that on nomination night there was a man on the television crying, 'all she do a build houses'," Simpson Miller told The Gleaner today.

"If I am building houses he should be happy," added Simpson Miller, who pointed to housing development in areas such as Caribbean Palm and Majestic Gardens as being among her achievements.

Speaking nationally, the PNP president said, "the only concern I would have is if we find that in any areas or constituency there are challenges in terms of intimidation and violence."

The Prime Minister said too that when the votes are tallied across all 63 constituencies, "I am confident that tonight we will be returned."

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