JLP supporters in Glendevon celebrate early

February 25, 2016

A carnival-like atmosphere unfolded in proximity to the Glendevon Primary and Junior High School in North West St. James today, as hundreds of persons, primarily Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters, turned the after voting process into a celebratory party.

Dancing to music blaring from a car sound system, one JLP supporters said, “This is a labourite party, but we PNP (People’s National Party) friends can come over and have a drink”.

Holding a bottle of rum in one hand and a cup of dark liquor in the other, he added: “We will be partying all night because we are sure this is going to be a ‘shower victory”.

With several cars blocking the main roadway, motorists seeking to navigate the area faced difficulties manoeuvring passage.

The police and military personnel, who are stationed closer to the gate of the school, were seemingly more concerned about persons getting into the polling station to vote without hindrance.

While the Glendevon area is seen as a stronghold for JLP general secretary, Dr Horace Chang, the PNP’s Anthony Henry, who has solid roots in the area, is expected to make a good impression.

PNP: Anthony Henry
JLP: Dr Horace Chang

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