'PNP Time'...Peter Phillips sports treasured time piece

February 25, 2016

Dr Peter Phillips sported a Wittnauer wrist watch with the emblem of the People's National Party (PNP) stamped on the face.
"A constituent of mine gave me this and I take it to mean PNP time," Phillips said.

Phillips is the PNP campaign director for this the country's 17th general election, and he said of all the campaigns in which he has participated, "this one feels like one of the best."

The PNP has won nine of the previous 16 general elections, and is seeking a second term in office having won 42-21 of the 63-seat House of Representatives in 2011.

Some three and a half hours since the opening of polls, the PNP campaign director said the reports he has been getting is very encouraging.

"The team tells me that they are where they ought to be and ahead of that," Phillips said.

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