Economic stability drives business confidence - Edwards


February 26, 2016
Diane Edwards, president of JAMPRO.

President of Jamaica Promotions Corporation Diane Edwards says stability of the macro economy has continued to result in an increase of business confidence within the country.

In a JIS News release, Edwards said this confidence is manifested in the recent opening of one more Popeyes franchise in Cross Roads, St Andrew, the opening of another Island Grill restaurant in Mandeville and the return of the production of Red Stripe beer for the North American market.

"The price of energy is coming down and is going to be bolstered by the introduction of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the market. (This) means that Jamaica is becoming a more attractive proposition to business in general and to manufacturing businesses in particular," she said. "The Red Stripe investment is hugely welcomed because it brings back to Jamaica's shores a beer that has become a global brand."

Just about 300 jobs are to be created with this investment, and Edwards said the spin-off will impact other sectors, such as agriculture, with cassava being used in the brewing process.

Edwards said these investments augur well for the society as persons will be exposed to good workplace habits and to business models geared towards productivity.

"Productivity is one of the huge issues we face in the workplace and in the talent pool in general. The more people are exposed to international models of productivity and international standards of productivity, the more we will be able to upgrade our workforce and upgrade the jobs that are on offer," she said.

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