PREGNANT WOMAN BEATEN FOR MAN *Loses baby after five-hour ordeal

March 01, 2016

A cosmetologist who claims she was locked in a room and beaten by two women for five hours, causing her to lose her two-month-old pregnancy, will have to wait until March 22 before a decision is made in her case.

The accused women, Suelen McLean and Shanice Phillips, both pleaded not guilty to the charges of assault occasioning bodily harm and malicious destruction of property.

However, the complainant told the court differently. She said on February 5, she was called to do someone's hair at McLean's house, but unknown to her, it was a plot to get her in an isolated environment.

She said when she entered the room to do the client's hair, the client held on to her and both McLean and Phillips entered the room armed with a knife and ice pick.

Seemingly still shaken by the ordeal, the complainant trembled as she relayed what she claims transpired.

"They accused me of taking her [Phillip's] sugar daddy, saying that I spoiled her 'food'. They took my tablet and searched for information on the man, and when they didn't find anything, they smashed it. They battered me in the room for five hours," she said.

childhood friends

She further claimed that the women also smashed her hairdressing equipment valued at PS175 ($29,540). The complainant also took the opportunity to tell the court that she is not involved with the man for whom she was beaten.

She told the court she and Phillips were childhood friends, however, things went sour between them and Phillips has been threatening her ever since.

To these allegations, Phillips said, "I did not touch her." The other accused, McLean, also sought to disassociate herself from the alleged incident, claiming she is diabetic and cannot see well enough to do what she is being accused of.

Upon hearing this, the presiding judge, Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey said, "Therefore, some duppy was in the room beating her. You need to wake up and smell the coffee, you're in big trouble."

Both women had their bails extended and were warned to stay away from the complainant. A fingerprint order was filed against the accused. They are to reappear for trial on March 22.

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