Man robs 67-year-old of $200k chain

March 10, 2016

A man who was out on bail for a sexual offence charge was again hauled before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court last Friday, this time for robbing an elderly woman of a gold chain valued at $200,000.

Charged with robbery with aggravation is Paul Thompson, also called 'Bigga Paul', of a Kingston 11 address. He pleaded guilty.

Allegations are that on the afternoon of February 26, Bigga Paul robbed the 67-year-old complainant of her chain by using personal violence.

Persons nearby saw what was transpiring and raised an alarm. They then held on to him, but he escaped and tried to flee on his bicycle.

Initially, the persecutor made a mistake while reading the allegations, saying Bigga Paul had robbed a child, however, the accused boldly corrected the persecutor.

"I'm not guilty of that. They said I robbed a child. That's not true. I robbed a big person!" he asserted.

He is to return to court again on March 22 for sentencing.

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