Best friends ask for case to be dropped

March 18, 2016

Two friends charged with assaulting each other requested their cases be dropped when they appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Wednesday.

Julia Williams and Peter-Ann Grant said an incident at Williams' house got out of control. They have since forgiven each other and have reached a settlement.

According to the complainant, Williams, an argument started on January 25 after Grant spoke to her daughter in an aggressive manner and refused to apologise for making her daughter cry.

"Me tell her nuh deal with me child like that, and say she give me attitude, until we start exchange words, then she jump on me and me push her," she recalled.

According to Williams, she got injured in the process and Grant went to the police.

However, there was no fighting when they appeared before the court. Instead, they told the court an agreement had been made for $20,000 to be paid over to Williams by Grant to cover medical costs.

The case was dismissed against Grant.

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