Firearm holder shoots thief downtown

March 18, 2016

Up to press time last night, the West Kingston police had still not apprehended any of the three men who attempted to rob a licensed firearm holder of his gold chain in downtown, Kingston yesterday.

The firearm holder managed to shoot one of his attackers, but the injured man fled along with his two accomplices.

A detective constable at the Denham Town Police Station said the man was walking along the intersection of Beckford and West streets, when he was attacked by three men armed with knives.

A fruit vendor who claimed to have witnessed the incident, gave THE WEEKEND STAR a detailed description of the ordeal which occurred shortly after 2 p.m.

"A three a dem attack him [licensed firearm holder]. One a dem grab him from back way and another hold on to the chain. But from them grab the chain, him start wrestle with them, then him pop off him gun and shot one a dem," the vendor said.

She further added, "Any how the man did have more bullets, the three a dem dead!"

The licensed firearm holder was taken to the station for questioning, while investigations continue.

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