March 31, 2016

It was high drama at a retail establishment in the Corporate Area when a man, who is alleged to be a homosexual, stripped naked recently after being denied a service which he believed he was entitled to.

The man, who is said to be in his mid-20s, reportedly made his way into the Constant Spring Road-based shopping establishment in hopes of conducting business as usual.

A mortified member of staff told THE STAR that the particularly flamboyant male was accompanied by his more masculine companion, both of whom arrived to make a return on a previous purchase. Upon being met with the naked truth that his request would not be granted, the man subsequently made a spectacle, greeting shoppers, young and old, with quite an eyeful as he dropped his trousers and 'mooned' at them.

"Him look on the lady and tell her say him not taking her man, him just want back him money," an alleged eyewitness said.

officers arrived

It is reported that, so boisterous was the angered male, that the entity quickly made contact with a security company to quell the matter. When the security officers arrived, they were being accompanied by police personnel.

"Police and some Guardsman people come. Then mi just see him draw down him pants and underwear, and one school boy take out him phone and start video," the alleged eyewitness continued.

After making checks, commanding officer of the St Andrew Central Division, Superintendent Millicent Sproul-Thomas, told THE STAR that no formal charges appeared to have been made against the male involved in the fracas.

When THE STAR contacted personnel from the Guardsman Group Limited, a senior member of staff would neither confirm nor deny whether security personnel had been dispatched to the location. However, the representative did confirm that the retail establishment was a client of the security entity.

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