Jamaican child abuser to be deported from Trinidad

March 31, 2016

A Jamaican woman who was charged for viciously abusing a child in Trinidad late last year will face trial on April 21, after which she will be deported irrespective of the verdict because she had been residing in the island illegally.

According to Trinidad newspaper, The Guardian, Yanique Taylor-Gobin was charged jointly with her Trinidadian husband, Dexter Gobin, on two counts of wilfully assaulting a child in October.

The husband was able to secure bail at $150,000 and took up the offer on Saturday. However, the Jamaican woman will remain behind bars for the duration of her trial due to her immigration violation, Gobin's lawyer, Fareed Ali, confirmed.

The two were arrested and charged after footage of the alleged assault surfaced on social media last October. The video showed the couple beating the child, while forcing her to consume a milk-like substance.

They were said to be babysitting the child for another Jamaican woman at the time of the incident.

Following the trial, Taylor-Gobin will be sent to Trinidad's Immigration Detention Centre from where she will be deported to Jamaica. The lawyer said she will be free to apply for citizenship after deportation.

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