Titchfield wins SCQ

April 01, 2016
Members of the 2016 Schools Challenge Quiz winner. Titchfield High School.

Portlanders turned out in large numbers to witness Titchfield High School triumphed over Campion College 41-39 in the final of the Schools Challenge Quiz competition last night.

The east Portland-based school, which previously had three second-place finishes, led 11-10 during the first round, but fell behind 29-33 during the speed section. The scores were tied after the final buzzer which sent the schools into sudden death. Campion pressed the buzzer to answer the next question but got it wrong. There were huge cheers from the Titchfield team and supporters.

The crowd, which numbered approximately 400 persons, were silent momentarily when Titchfield got the first two questions in the buzzer section incorrect, but one woman, Cleo Bennett, made a passionate appeal for them to remain optimistic.

"I really believed that it was going to go our way this time around, "she said. "I am so happy that not even words can express how I feel. It was nail-biting and the best school won. This is a proud moment for us in Portland, and the celebrations will go on for days to come."

Titchfield is celebrating 230 years and the victory is clearly a fitting one for the school, which holds the distinction of being the fifth oldest school islandwide.

Dennis Morgan a past student, who witnessed the victory was also excited.

"I am happy to witness this in my lifetime," he said.

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