April 13, 2016

After being shot ...


For the past week, a 15-year-old student has been admitted in hospital after being shot in her leg during a shoot-out between rival factions in downtown Kingston.

Since then, the alleged perpetrator has apologised two times, but the child says she will only accept the apologies if he does it personally.

Last Wednesday, the grade-10 student was on her way from school when the shooting incident occurred. The teenager was shot in her leg.

"When I was on the floor, him [the gunman] a run cross the road away from the scene and a say, 'sorry, sorry', but me couldn't see a who. At the time, I was crying and saying me nuh want no sorry from him," she told THE STAR.

The following day, the student said she was visited in the hospital by a group of men who claim they were sent by the gunman who shot her.

"Them tell me say the youth [gun man] say him sorry. Mi ask them a who, and them say them can't tell me that and then them just walk weh. Mi neva tell them say me accept it," she said.

The student told THE STAR that she feels 'OK' about the fact that the gunman has reached out to her, but would prefer if he did so in person as only then will she forgive him. She also added that she would not have him arrested.

affected leg

Currently, the student's leg is shattered in three places - in her thigh (where the bullet entered her leg), just above her knee, and just below her knee. She said she is in pain and cannot feel the toes on the affected leg. She is now awaiting five iron pins, which will cost $130,000, to proceed with her leg treatment.

Meanwhile, superintendent in charge of West Kingston, Howard Chambers, says he is peeved and saddened about the incident. He added that the perpetrators have not yet been apprehended but they are following leads.

"We know that because of this one shooting incident, where a child is involved, it can bring back deep memories and escalate the thing further, so we have put in place a lot of initiatives to try to contain the situation," he said.

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