Truck damaged by utility pole

April 14, 2016
Contributed The delivery truck was damaged by a utility pole.

A delivery truck which was transporting goods to a wholesale establishment in Port Antonio yesterday was damaged after a utility pole fell on top of the vehicle.

The incident took place shortly after 12:30 p.m. along the busy commercial area of William Street in Port Antonio.

According to an alleged eyewitness, Sandra Thompson, the truck was travelling along the one-way road in the vicinity of DIB Hardware, when it reportedly hit a metal pole that is used by the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) to attach its grounded wires.

The eyewitness claimed that the pole then fell on the top of the truck body, damaging a large section of the storing compartment.

Following the incident, vehicular traffic came to a standstill, as the truck blocked the entire roadway. As a result, motorists were rerouted to Blake Street.

A JPS work team was later dispatched to the area to remove the fallen pole and replace the damaged wires.

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