Students injured in bus crash

April 21, 2016

At least a dozen students narrowly escaped serious injuries when the bus they were aboard overturned in Little Spring Gardens near Hope Bay in Portland, this morning.
The bus, a Toyota Hiace public passenger vehicle, which plies the route Annotto Bay to Port Antonio, was travelling towards the parish capital shortly after 7 a.m., amidst the heavy rainfall, when the driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle.
According to a witness, the minibus reportedly swerved to the right hitting an embankment and overturned - sprouting screams from passengers including students, who were trapped inside.
Nearby residents reportedly rushed to the scene of the accident and assisted them, but not before several students, who sustained minor injuries, managed to climb through the bus windows to safety.
The rescue efforts of the residents including that of businessman Paul ‘Bigga’ Young, paid off as the remaining passengers were safely removed, with the exception of a man, who was pinned down inside the minibus.
The man was later removed and rushed to hospital, where he is currently undergoing treatment. His injuries are considered to be serious, but not life threatening. 

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