I'm convinced he is dead! - Woman has little hope for missing husband

April 22, 2016

• Woman has little hope for missing husband

It has been almost four years since Michelle Brown's* husband went missing.

The circumstances of his disappearance is so mysterious that Michelle is even fearful of telling her story. She is convinced her husband has been murdered and the persons responsible could come looking for her one day.

With tears flowing down her cheeks, Michelle recounted that it was a family member who first became suspicious that something had gone terribly wrong, after not seeing or hearing from Joseph*, who had been missing four days.

"My husband was working on our new home at the time of his disappearance," Michelle said.

"He was working on the house at nights after completing his day job, and so oftentimes, he would sleep in one of the bedrooms," she recalled.

But days went by and nobody heard from Joseph. He had simply vanished.

"We became suspicious and shortly after the police were called in and a search ensued, but after six months, he was still not found. There was simply no trace," she said

Monday will make exactly four years since his disappearance.

Michelle said that with each passing day it becomes increasingly difficult to cope with the absence of her husband. She said their children, especially the two minors, keep asking about their father.

She said that hadn't it been for her Christian faith, she would probably have withered away as it is becoming more and more unbearable.

"It is the grace of God has kept me alive," she said.

Since the disappearance of her husband, Michelle has been appealing to people who may know something that could assist with finding him, or perhaps his remains, to come forward.

"There is only one incident I can recall that my husband was involved in, and that was some time ago when he was involved in a fight with a man.

"To the best of my knowledge, that incident was before the court. There is no other thing that I can speak to, and it is hard to accept that it is as a result of that incident why he has gone missing. My children need their father," she said.

* Names changed

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