Dasheen money lost in mudslide

April 25, 2016
Gareth Davis Hubert Palmer jumps out his badly ravaged house which was displaced during a mudslide

When Hubert Palmer left his home last Thursday afternoon to buy cocoa, little did he know that a large amount of cash that was left behind from selling dasheen would be swallowed up during a mudslide.
The 55-year-old farmer of Mill Bank, Portland, had only ventured out for a short while during the inclement weather.
"It was a family member who met me on the way, and gave me the bad news," said Palmer. "I was dumbstruck, as I had only just left my house for about five minutes. How could it be that my house was battered by a landslide? It was then that I remember my $15,000 was tucked away, but now it was all covered in mud, rocks, and other debris."

Original spot

The situation was even worse when the farmer got back to what was left of his two-bedroom board house, which was removed from its original spot and placed about 20 meters away - twisted and battered by the mudslide.
Palmer broke down in tears, rolled himself in mud and water as he mourned his losses openly and had to be comforted by family members and friends.
"It is going to be hard picking up the pieces. I have no where to live. All my personal belongings are all covered in dirt. I am not even sure where my next meal is coming from or where I am going to sleep," Palmer said.



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