Woman holding baby beaten on bus

May 02, 2016

A man who viciously attacked and punched his spouse as she held a baby on a bus, was released from police custody without being charged.

The man had been detained by police after passengers stopped the bus at the Ferry Police Station and handed him over, but he was released with a warning after the woman decided not to press charges, the police said. “My understanding is that the woman was not desirous of charges to be laid against him, she requested that he be warned and the officers yielded that request,” sub officer in charge of the Ferry police, Sergeant J Llewellyn said.

A video of the high drama, which was posted on Facebook, was shared 4,538 times and drew the ire of many of the 164,000 viewers in just under 24 hours since it was posted. Information reaching THE STAR is that the two were traversing from an undisclosed location into the Corporate Area with market goods. 

During the 5:15 second clip, the man who was seated beside the woman got up out his seat and began to throw punches to the woman’s face while she held the baby. In a bid to defend her self she let go of the child, but her defence was short lived as the man seemingly over powered her and began an onslaught. A passenger had to remove the baby. When the bus came to a stop outside the police station, a female passenger was heard saying, “Him say him ago cut her throat” as the video ended. 

Dr Barry Davidson, Psychologist and CEO of Family Life Ministries, said that women should have higher value of themselves, healthy self-esteem and should know their worth and competence.

“Women should respect and care for themselves so that nobody will abuse them. Sometimes the abusers provide them with financial resources and they allow abuse to take place on themselves so as not to loose this assistance. This makes the person feel they have the right to continue,” said Dr Davidson. “Sometimes these women come from homes where they watch their mothers being abuse and it becomes a part of their psychic. This is not right, if you allow it to happen once it will happen twice, or until one day the person may kill you or disfigure you.”

Some Facebook users commented on the video: 

Marvia Morris Nicholson: “This young lady is so afraid of this coward, I hope they help this young lady.”

Shane Benjamin:  “Not surprised at all. Most Jamaican woman love d beating.”

Justin Cockette: “Big up the bus driver and the passenger… when you say something and do something you might just save a life.”

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