Garfield Slater chased demon from woman

May 07, 2016
George Henry Garfield Slater

Evangelist Garfield Slater has a powerful testimony about how he helped to free a woman who was demon-possessed.

"The woman was possessed with a spirit and I told her to come to my church one Tuesday, which was a day on which we had fasting. When she came that day I laid my hands on her and started to pray. She started acting up," said Slater.

Slater, a member of the Emanuel Hope Restored Church at Spalding in Clarendon, said that after the woman started to behave strange he commanded the spirit, which, it was said had caused her to behave strangely, to leave her body and disappear.

"The young woman received her deliverance and her breakthrough at the mighty hand of God in my presence after I commanded the spirits to leave her," testified Evangelist Slater.

"The hand of God is indeed, powerful," he added.

Slater told THE STAR there was a point in his life when he had to make a decision, whether he should choose the world or continue worshipping God.

"I was in a serious spot of bother because I was looking at my friends and how I should leave the partying and other things. My friends asked me how I was going to manage with the girls and other stuff. I turned to them and said that I was going to try God," said Slater.

He testified that the call of God was on his life and he had to do whatever it took to follow the leading of God.

Slater said that he took the calling of God seriously and, 10 years later, he is still with his maker.

"I will not say it has been easy but because God is my sustainer and keeper, He has been seeing me through. It does not matter what one is going through, God is able to see us through," Slater said.


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