Mama Christie - a mother for all seasons


May 09, 2016
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Mama Christie

Mama Christie

- a mother for all seasons

There are many female breadwinners in Jamaica and Constance Christie, aka Mama Christie, fits this slot perfectly.

The hardworking mother of seven children, which includes legendary dancehall artiste Shabba Ranks, acknowledges the role of her male counterpart but says she was always one to take the lead.

"I was always the head of the house. You look at me now, you have seen an old woman but when I was young, I was very active. I was a driver, one of the second drivers that came out from JOS. That 35 ft that you see the men pushing down, this little old lady that you looking at did it," she said.

was rough

Mama Christie, known as one of the mothers of her Seaview Gardens community, admitted it was not an easy road. "It was rough. I wouldn't tell anybody that it was easy, but as a mother, I stuck it out. I worked. I worked bar, I did babysitting, the only job I never did was a house job," she said.

Mama Christie is also a giver. In fact, her pot became a global phenomenon because of Dexta Daps' hit song, Shabba Madda Pot. "The whole community eats from her hands. Dexta Daps knows exactly what he is saying because her pot ever hot. That song is a tribute," her last child, Leopold, told The STAR.

The other son, Greville, admitted that his mother is hailed in the community simply because she is selfless. "She's a mother that the whole community loves. She look out not just for her children, but other people's children as well. The community, everybody love her and show her respect," he said.

good care

The vibrant 77-year-old says it is important for mothers to stand by and work hard for their children.

And because she did just that, her children and grandchildren now take very good care of her.

"I don't have to do anything. They take me anywhere I want to go. I'm mama for everyone. When they see me, they'll say 'mama, you alright?' and I will say, 'I'm up and running,'" she said as she hung her head back and gives out a hearty laugh.

While she didn't want to say too much about the relationship she shares with Shabba fearing that the other children may get a little jealous, Mama Christie admitted she knew from early out that her iconic son was destined for greatness. She says it is as though Shabba is mentally connected to her.

"I never have to call Rexton for anything. Whenever I'm in need of something, Rexton always know about it, even before I say it to him.

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