Ann-Marie Vaz tells students to embrace education

May 16, 2016
Gareth Davis Sr Photo Ann-Marie Vaz addressing a prayer breakfast at Mount Pleasant Primary School in Portland.

Students at Mount Pleasant Primary School in Portland were encouraged by Ann-Marie Vaz to aim to achieve the highest standard of education, which she said will assist them greatly in their quest to gain social mobility.

Vaz, who is the wife of West Portland Member of Parliament (MP) Daryl Vaz, was addressing the school's inaugural prayer breakfast held last week.

"As children, you ought to aim for the best," commented Vaz.

"Your brain develops and adapts quickly at the basic, primary and high-school levels and, as such, you automatically become fast thinkers. You are the future leaders of Jamaica and whether or not you do realise it now, it will be your actions and decisions that will help to shape or reshape this country," she told the students.


Vaz also said that education offers a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be successful".

Speaking at the same function, school principal Dian Vidal lauded the parents who have dedicated more time and effort to the education of their children.

"Gone are the days when parents were literally absent from assisting their child with schoolwork, or wanting to get involved in school-related activities. Parents are now supporting the varied programmes organised by this school," the principal said.

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