Putting a tie on poverty - UWI student sets up business to finish school

June 13, 2016
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Kim-Loy Chung shows one of the many ties she makes and sell
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Some of the ties made by Kim-Loy Chung

Entrepreneur Kim-Loy Chung is confident that her bow tie and scented-candle business is her ticket out of hardship.

The 20-year-old University of the West Indies student was forced to take leave of absence in 2014, having completed only one semester due to financial difficulties.

Faced with the massive disappointment, Chung established a business - Kymmy-C's Collection - which she hopes will help fund her tertiary education.

"I've always wanted to have a business of my own, so I revisited all the business ideas I hoarded in my mind and decided to execute the ones that I am more passionate about," Chung told THE STAR.

Chung, who spent the time away from UWI working in a call centre, resumed her studies in September. She is determined not to leave again until she has been awarded her degree.

"My biggest drive comes from the fact that my dad has Parkinson's disease, my mother works an ordinary job, and I have to ensure that I'm in a better position to help out my younger brother," Chung told THE STAR.

Chung describes her business as an up-and-coming home-based business, and her products as authentic. "My variety handmade bow ties complement street style, runway and celebrity fashion, and my handmade candles are great for dorm rooms, house parties, relaxing bath sessions, for the aroma needed during a spa treatment, gift giving, and beautification purpose," Chung proudly told THE STAR.

With orders coming in on social media, Chung feels assured that a market exists for her, but is looking to expand her business. "I'm currently working on expanding the bow tie line to overseas customers via an online store, and locally, target third-party outlets such as pharmacies, spas and clothing stores to provide a wider supply to customers," she said.

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