New taxes pushes up electricity rate


June 14, 2016
Kelly Tomblin

Customers of the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) will be hit with a double digit increase in light bills this month.

The JPS said yesterday that the increase in the Special Consumption Tax (SCT) charged on the Heavy Fuel Oil is partly to be blamed for the increase in the cost of generating electricity. The JPS also listed the continued devaluation of the Jamaican dollar as well as an increase in the cost of the fuel are reasons for higher light bills.

The company has announced that its customers will see an average 12.8 per cent increase in bills this month. "The overall increase will result in residential customers paying US 21cents per kWh on average for electricity in June, compared to US 19 cents in May," the JPS said.

"This is definitely not the best news for us at JPS, or for our customers," Kelly Tomblin, JPS President & CEO said.

She said further that with the price of world oil prices trending upwards, the cost of electricity will increase.

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