Prisoners transferred for mosquito fogging

June 29, 2016
Gareth Davis Photo A representative from the Portland Health Department carrying out fogging operations at the Port Antonio Police Station yesterday.


As the Ministry of Health steps up its drive against the dreaded Zika virus, 22 prisoners were transferred from the Port Antonio Police Station lock-up to facilitate fogging on the cell blocks.

The move is part of a joint initiative between the local parish health department and the police, as both parties seek to rid the cell block and other areas in the station yard of suspected mosquito breeding sites.

Acting commander in charge of Portland division Deputy, Superintendent of Police (DSP) Oral Harrison, said that in light of the spread of Zika virus, the partnership is a necessary one.

"It is a proactive measure as there are no suspected cases of the Zika among the prisoners," said Harrison.

"As a matter of fact there are no reports of any incident of the Zika virus among any of our inmates (prisoners) throughout this division. However, we are wary of the threat, and therefore, the appropriate measures are now in place to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of this mosquito borne disease, which, if left unattended, could very well find its way into our cell blocks," he added.

The prisoners were transferred late yesterday afternoon to an existing facility at the new courthouse at Bryan's Bay.

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