STAR praised for helping woman

June 29, 2016
Paul Clarke Photo Sherita James is all smiles after going to the United States to do a heart surgery.

STAR praised for helping woman

Sherita James is singing praises for THE STAR after receiving assistance from readers who saw her plea for help to finance tickets to go to California, United States, to do life-saving surgery.

The 32-year-old, who suffers from a rheumatic heart disease, was in desperate need of surgery so that she could perform simple tasks such as lift her newborn baby.

Although James was fortunate enough to procure a free heart surgery, she was unable to finance the cost of airline tickets for herself and her mandated travelling companion.

"If it wasn't for THE STAR, I would have given up, but I got a lot of calls from persons who saw the article and offered to help. It's through this help that I was able to afford the tickets to go abroad," she explained.

James lauded the persons who reached out to her after the article was published and expressed gratitude for all the help she received.

"Some persons who weren't calling to make donations, called just to give me an encouraging word, and I really appreciated that because it gave me strength to push," she added.

second surgery

After her initial surgery, the mother of three had to undergo a second surgery within the same week because of complications caused by the first procedure.

"I blocked out a few days after the first surgery. My heart stopped beating and I was basically dead before the second surgery," she explained.

In the aftermath of a scary life-threatening surgery, James is now looking forward to lifting her last child and going back to work.

"The doctors said I should take six weeks to recover, but I am excited about taking care of my baby and trying to get a job," she said.

James expressed happiness at her new lease on life and asked that her best wishes be extended to the persons who offered a helping hand in her time of need.

"I am feeling much better and I want everyone to know that good people are still out there in Jamaica," she said.

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