Jamaicans encouraged to promote peace, love and unity

August 02, 2016

Jamaicans are being encouraged to promote peace, love and unity as part of the process of nation building.

This urging comes from Senior Pastor of Hope Gospel Assembly in St. Andrew, Reverend Dr Peter Garth, who was delivering the sermon at the National Emancipation and Independence Thanksgiving Service at the Pentecostal Gospel Temple on Windward Road in Kingston on Sunday.

Rev. Garth said the institution of the family was a pivotal catalyst that could engender a spirit of togetherness across the nation.  "If we can operate as a family, as a nation and begin to love one another, things will begin to change," he contended.

Rev. Garth said persons also need to undertake engagements that facilitate and engender the "harmony and growth of one's character."
"There is far too much character assassination taking place in this country. We have lost respect for each other and the reason is we have lost respect for ourselves. We need to focus on what we have in common and not on our differences," he advised.

Rev. Garth contended that there was also need to effectively address the sense of "lovelessness" being experienced by some persons. "There are too many persons in pockets of this country who feel unloved, who feel uncared for. If we unite ourselves and engage communities, I believe that we can transform this nation," he declared.

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