Nearly 100 fisherfolk still at Pedro Cays


August 02, 2016
Perhaps a signal that Jamaica was about to experience tropical storm conditions in August, gusty winds came in from the nearby sea and the heavens opened up, forcing motorists to proceed with caution.

Captain Basil Jarrett, civil military cooperation and media affairs officer at the Jamaica Defence Force, told THE STAR that an estimated 100 persons are on the Pedro Cays even as the tropical storm bears down on the island.

"We have been talking to them since last night, encouraging them to leave," he said.

Jarrett said that soldiers have been evacuated from the Cays and added that enough fuel has been left with fisherfolk there to assist them in getting back to shore.

eight hours from land

Rocky Point is the closest point to the Pedro Cays and Jarrett said this journey could take anywhere from five to eight hours, depending on sea conditions.

Boats have been hauled in, fishing nets, pots, and other items used in the trade were carefully packed and stowed away at the Rocky Point Fishing Beach in Clarendon as the country was placed on tropical storm warning.

Hubert Adams, a fisherman who had just arrived from the Pedro Cays, said he decided to leave after the first bulletin was issued.

"The soldiers first got the news and told us a storm was out so we should gather our stuff and leave," he said, but others were packing up and some say they not leaving, but I think it's best to come back to land because it can be very dangerous out there during the storm," Adams said.

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