Free health checks at Digicel STAR Jus' Skool


August 26, 2016
Contributed This little girl goes through her medical check during last year's back to school fair put on by Digicel and THE STAR.
Contributed Photo This curious kid checks out Chicky instead of the camera at the Digicel Star School 'Buss'.

Parents will be able to breathe a sigh of relief at tomorrow's Digicel STAR Jus' Skool Fair with free dental, optical, and medical checks. Dr Jessica Whyte, one of several doctors that will be on call at the fair, emphasised the importance of having children complete the various health checks prior to the new school year.

"Many people think health is the absence of physical illness. Not so, the World Health Organisation defines health as the state of physical, mental, and emotional well being. It is imperative for students be in the best state of health to achieve academic success," she said.

She added that "Regular doctor visits, dental, and optical check-ups, adequate immunisation, good nutrition, and proper rest all help to foster good health. It is important to make use of means and opportunities provided to ensure that our children are in the best state of health especially heading into a new school year."

Parents are advised to take along their children's immunisation card in order for them to be properly treated.

Jus' Skool is scheduled to take place tomorrow at the St William Grant Park in downtown Kingston, starting at 11 a.m. In addition to the free health checks, children will also be given free haircuts, back-to-school packages, and refreshments. An amusement village will also be on site to keep them entertained.

The Digicel STAR Jus' Skool back-to school fair is sponsored by KSAC, CB Chicken, Milo, Honey Bun, KFC, Tastee, Pure National Ice, Reggae Jammin, Tango's Entertainment, Big Jo, Courts Optical, Bullhead Water, Jamaica Producers, Courts Readi Cash and

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